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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reason #486 as to Why I Hate the Yankees

I was reading an article about Joba Chamberlain's "antics" on the mound. Little did I know that my hatred for the Yankees would be irreparably fueled by this article. Also, little did I know how much I hated Goose Gossage. Pretentious Prick! I don't think I need to say much about the article, but I will post a few quotes by "Boner" Gossage:

"Gossage also told The Bergen Record that Chamberlain needs to remember what uniform he is wearing. According to Gossage, playing for the Yankees carries a different set of rules.
'That's just not the Yankee way, what Joba did. Let everyone else do that stuff, but not a Yankee,' Gossage told The Record on Saturday. "

That's not the Yankee way? Are you kidding me? Being a Yankee has different rules? How can we take the fun out of sports...? I know! Be a Yankee. Gossage pretty much held everyone who has ever worn a Yankee uniform above every other player in baseball. This is exactly the Yankee way. Even if you aren't better than everyone, pretend you are. Let the "degenerates" on other teams do that stuff. Why are these douchebags held in such high esteem?


Anonymous said...

Geeesh. Grandpa is rolling over in his resting place.....


RM said...

So I see..."anonymous" was really YOUR DAD!