The human ability to explore the world, educate one's self, stretch one's perception and boundaries of security and comfort should be embraced as well as the emerging visceral feelings and emotions stemming from such experiences.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Look for life


I dive in head first, failing to check the depth.

With a few contortions I am able to manipulate the world around me.

Now, with opened eyes I can navigate past deep crags and submerged lunar landscapes.

My body learning motions in a weightlessness envied even by astronauts.

A newly found license to explore, yet one fear invading my world.

Will I soon find it all?

Shaking Yesterday


Tied to the tales of antiquity
That is where we find ourselves
The future sprawled out before us
Seize each day or watch ineptly
True, there are the passive, the aggressive
The embodiment of faith, the faithless
Embrace your truth because
As those pray to leave this world
Too many are praying to see tomorrow

Who are you?


It's the little boy with the blond hair
sitting alone with his blank stare.

It's the little boy with the frozen eyes
the only one who never cries.

It's the little boy with the heavy head
perfectly framed with cheeks of red.

It's the little boy with the giant heart
everyone wants to pick apart.

It's the little boy with never a fight
after losing his way in the night.

It's the little boy in whom I believe
he seems so familiar to me.