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Friday, January 30, 2009

"Over and Out," She Said

The first semester has come to an end, and with it the reality begins to set in that this may truly be my final year at the helm of the classroom (I know there's a helm around here somewhere). It's true. The greatest educator to ever walk the face of the earth is retiring. Yeah, that's right. Some teacher in the northern mid-west who has won multiple National Teacher of the Year honors is calling it quits.

But back to me. I think about changing careers a lot. It's weird to think that I even began a "career." I'm not even sure what that means. I don't feel like work is any different. It's still something that I don't want to do everyday or any day or ever. I'm going to head back to college. I love college. Liver shriveling parties; really late night food (a far cry from my oh so exciting midnight snack of warm milk); stupid stuck up snotty bitches with over-sized bags and sunglasses taking out the poor little engineer on their way to class with an overly dramatized swing of her non-cell-phone-holding arm; laying out on the mall and watching time and co-eds move on by; pizza for lunch; pizza for dinner; cold pizza for breakfast; red solo cups; toxic headaches, the kind that pound so loud your roommate can hear it; responsibilities that laid so few and far between that they were ridiculously easy to ignore; a passion and school spirit that made me bleed RED... and black, white and gold sometimes too.

Anyway, the school I will be heading back to will not have any of these things, but it will lead me down a whole new road. I will have another piece of paper that I can hang up next to my First Aid certification. I will be a MASTER of hopefully something besides BS-ing. For now I am not quite sure of the time line, but look out for Andy the Student come spring!