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Friday, May 2, 2008

Heath Benedict

I just read an article on about this football player who passed who seemed to be a true hero to some and a great friend/family member to all. The story was written pretty well. As my eyes watered, as they usually do when reading/viewing these types of inspirational stories, I thought about why we focus on the ridiculous stories in not only sports, but also in other areas of our culture.

Why do we spend days, weeks, months of front page articles and "top story" coverage talking about the steroid abuse, domestic abuse, illicit drug abuse, and other less than praise-worthy acts of these mainstream icons. I get sick of hearing about what ever Vick is up to in jail... unless he is getting butt raped by a large inmate. He had his chance to be famous... let's not make him infamous. Pacman Jones? Somebody please tell me the Cowboys traded for him so that he could clean the locker room and wash jock straps. What about the majority of the Bengals organization? Clemens? Balco? Conseco? Etc, etc...

I'm no fool. I know we as a culture can get locked into the drama. We are a drama loving culture. That will turn into ratings... especially if you can be the first to break a scandalous story. The money/power driven society scares me at times. We are so focused on where our next dollar comes from that we are missing the big picture. "Look at all the people effing up! I feel better about my pathetic existence." I'm being a little melodramatic, but when we are so caught up in comparing ourselves to each other that the slightest bit of drama can help us live with our currents situations, whatever they may be, I feel like we lose touch with some incredible facets of life.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I am much more interested in the stories that inspire me to better myself rather than the stories that make me feel better about myself. RIP big guy. I'm sure the NFL could have used a guy like you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the inspiration arising from a life well lived, Andy. You've been as much an inspiration to me.