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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Mad

The kind of mad you get right before spring. The venous brackets laid out before you taunting you with the whispers of the inevitable upsets. Where will that bracket-busting upset rear it's ugly little head? Hopefully in that 12-5 game you picked. Will the 1 seeds win out? Of course not all of them. Over and over you replay the possibilities and analyze individual match-ups. Who can guard him? They are too fast. They play D too well. He shoots lights out. In the end you finalize your road to the Championship not because you are satisfied with all of your picks, but because either you have pulled out the remaining follicles of hair hanging on to your past-its-prime scalp or because you need to meet your company pool's deadline and you reluctantly submit your bracket after 73 last minute adjustments. Over the few days since the field of 65 had been announced your once desolate tree of teams has undergone a metamorphosis of predictive power that has seen young men's hopes and dreams crushed, salvaged, thinly perpetuated, and, for the lucky, dedicated few, fully realized.

Ah, yes. March Madness is indeed upon us, around us, inside us. Which team will hold the title of hottest team in the final three weeks of the season? Only time will tell, friends.


RM said...

Great picture. Man I miss that place.

At first glance I look at this Tournament and think, eh, there aren't really many great teams, it seems predictable that the top four teams are the top four seeds.

BUT THEN you realize it's MARCH and ANYTHING can happen. I think this is the year of the 13 seed. I think all 4 of them can beat their respective 4 seed counterparts.

I also think because so many teams are so even, and seeing the carnage that took place last week with everyone and their mother losing, that it's really up for grabs. Maybe this will be the year for a school like Butler.

It's not what you've done up to this point; it's who can string together 6 straight wins. Did you blow it by winning your conference championship and playing too many games? Or did you blow it by not playing enough?

Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Terps in Detroit. I also wouldn't be surprised to see them lose in the 1st round.

Oh and Maestro if you happen to read this, go back into and make your picks. It doesn't look like they were submitted, but you're all signed up

Dad said...

Another great post! It beautifully reflects the great angst of March. I do love it so.

Go Terps.

Oh, and Ryan, I got two of them in! And each one will pathetically flounder after round 1!

Chris said...

i heard the terps did well yesterday
glad i went to towson

Andy G said...

I think you are the first person to have ever said that!