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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Teaching isn't for everybody

I am so looking forward to some much needed time off from teaching. This year has created some unusual stress in my professional life which has since spilled over into my personal life. I am seriously weighing possibilities for my next career move.

Professional Actor
I have been watching way too much Entourage in the past few months. Every time I watch an episode, the lifestyle just seems more and more attainable to me. I could just drop everything. Pick up my stuff. Move to Hollywood. Find a role in a movie... or make a friend who already has one, and the rest is history. Soon enough I will be living in mansions, flying private jets to various exotic destinations, and doing it all with a few close, emotionally and psychologically bruised friends.

Hired Gun
This one doesn't seem like the safest line of work, but I could probably get away with killing the people determined to create stress in my life. I hear the money is pretty good as well.

Inherit a Load of Money
This does not really seem like a career path at second glance, but it seems to fulfill the needs for which a career provides. This would probably take a lot of research and definitely some creative liberties on my behalf to make this work. I think treasure hunting might fall in the same category actually.

Professional Athlete
I don't really care which one I go pro in. Whichever will take me. I have uncapped athletic potential and I'm just waiting for my break. I could see myself as a third-string QB on a struggling NFL team. I can call in plays from the sideline, and wear a ball cap instead of a helmet. Put me in, Coach!

I'm not thinking I would get rich doing this, but how much fun would this be? Herding cattle, riding horses, repairing barbwire fences, branding various livestock, wearing a cowboy hat, telling my wife she isn't cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the house properly are all things I can do.

The only reason I thought of this is because most people tell me I'm a space cadet. Kind of one of those self-fulfilling prophecy-type deals.

Daycare Owner
I have a garage big enough to cram in about 40-50 of the little ones.

These were just what I thought of off the top of my head. I'm sure there are plenty of great opportunities out there for an educated individual like myself. I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone... or get really really extremely lucky.


RM said...

Hired Gun would actually be pretty sweet. I think you could do well at it and the money could potentially be good.

Cowboy - only if you're a gay cowboy.

fbg said...

There's a country song, "Should've been a cowboy" (Toby Keith of course), and I think you should either be a cowboy, or change the lyrics to that song to "Should've inherited a lot of money" or "Should've been a hired gun". Maybe then you could make money with the song, like "Weird" Al Yankovic.

By the way, I have always thought I would make the best rich-guy friend ever, so if you happen to find an entourage that needs one more, give me a holler.

S&R said...

Oh Andy, It's been a while. My vote is for actor. Rob and I just watched a movie with Keanu Reeves....dude, you gotta be better than him!